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Friday, September 23, 2005

Like Wrangling Cats

Suzy & Polly are EXTREMELY demanding when they have a photo shoot together. It's like having Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie in the same room for 6 hours, posing for shots illustrating the concept of BFF while a plate of nachos sits just out of reach. I heard Suzy mutter something about "beef jerky in my rider next time" after these pictures were shot. Celebrities! I tell ya! Next thing you know, my dogs will be demanding gift baskets!

In the same vein, we are having an open house for our clients & whatnot this afternoon? And you might think, working here this week amid the MadCap Cleaning and the emails containing Important Instructions and Reminders, that this was the First Party Ever Under The Milky Way Night Sky of Earth's Orbit to be thrown. Ever. Perhaps this is why: it has been ALL BOYS working on planning this party. Grown-up men with letters in their titles scurrying around like wedding planners, debating over where to put chairs.

And there you have it. Not to be all "I'm The Greatest" or "Chicks Rule", but a girlfriend & I were in charge of a similar open house at my last job, for 4x the guests, and I don't recall being this squirrely, even on the day of the party. It's always interesting to see the differences between men & women, and it's actually funny when it's over something as simple as a party. Boys will be boys.... At least they knew they needed to do more than open a bag of Doritos and get a couple cases of beer - Dean & Deluca are catering.

Despite the yummy food & free drinks, it's raining outside & staying in bed never looked so good! I need a rider. On party days, I don't come in until 3. I bet Paris Hilton has one.
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