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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Beer, BBQ & Elvis

We went to the American Royal on Friday night, and had a great time. We had passes to a media tent, so we got free food & drink, as this picture makes abundantly clear:

L-R: Mike (standing), Roger, Gordon

Just to prove we didn't go country-western on y'all, I give you: Doc Martens in the Dust.


And as I promised, photographic evidence that Elvis does, indeed, exist:



Our friend Greg & his buddies compete every year in the BBQ contest; they're "The Gristle Brothers", and their booth was representative of what nearly every other booth was doing: having a kick-ass party in a contained space. Elvis was just part of their whole party experience. I marveled as we walked back to catch the shuttle, how elaborate & yet contained all the parties were - one booth had a disco. Another had a band (one of MANY bands out there.) Since the weather was so perfect, there were thousands & thousands of people there, and it was enough to make our group want to compete next year. Because my husband loves to BBQ, and the gay men love to decorate for a party..... It's pretty hard to top Elvis, though.

(The rest of the pix are over on my Flickr account. Stay tuned for the rest of the weekend adventures & pictures!)
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