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Friday, November 16, 2007


I think that's an excellent title if I do say so myself. Now, worry not, I'm not overly pissy, but I have these general irritations that chafe and bind at sporadic moments throughout the day. I'm quite glad it's Friday, that's for sure! I just have this over-arching sensation that I'm distracted from what I'm really supposed to be doing, because the more urgent little fires are demanding my attention. Meanwhile, the barn is going up in smoke!

I am finally getting a root canal, the Monday after Thanksgiving, so that's fun. And since we are hosting James' family on the holiday, we wrote out the menu & assigned some things last night, which helped me feel like I was getting a grip on things. We'll have the house cleaned on Tuesday, our fence guy is supposed to start next week, and ahoy, I just remembered, I need to sand & putty & sand & paint an exterior window. I need a cloning machine. Because I would just get all my clones to do all the crap, and I'd sit comfortably in my big chair, knitting & catching up on a lot of tv I've missed this week!

Now I need to go run around a little bit more and make sure nothing is ticking or smoking or leaking toxic waste ..... I need to leave today with at least some things wrapped up! Productive weekend, here I come! (and as soon as I typed that? I immediately wanted to lie down & take a nap. Gusto, where did you go?)
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