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Sunday, November 11, 2007


I feel like I'm shooting trap this morning.

JWo must, too. We both got up & have been tearin' through our to-do's. I made two enormous pastries (it's an old family recipe) that caused me to realize that I simply have to find one of those big pastry plastic thingies you roll dough & what not out. I remember ours unrolled & had measurements (and various pie-sized circles) on it; I ended up using two silpats cobbled together & that did NOT suit me one bit. I ended up making the dough too thick, so the treat did not turn out as well as I'd hoped. (And you make the dough the day before, so it's freakin' involved, and I hate that so much effort went into it to have it not turn out as planned!)

Anyhoo, I've got split pea soup with ham in the crock pot, I'm about to go start laundry, and I just finished scraping the 1 year+ paint off the garage door windows. You know how some things just become so familiar? Well, we've had this sort of "artsy" look to those windows for a year now, because they needed to be scraped. (I use "artsy" in the same way one might describe my two-different-shoes mishap of Friday.) I didn't really understand or know what scraping meant, and didn't think I knew how to do it. And I just sort of stopped seeing the strangeness. It didn't even cross my brain that I could actually do it! Until last weekend, when JWo had me scraping the stickers off the greenhouse glass, which was ever so much fun. I am serious! I adore projects that provide instant gratification & satisfaction for the work you are doing. So this morning, I took my new leetle friend, Le Razorrrr Scraperrrrr, please to say in ze Frenchie Accentie, ok, baybee?, and we went out and had at those windows. I am so proud! It went quite quickly, and now perhaps I must do it on ze inside, because ze peoples who painted the inside of the garage many yearz ago were the Messies with the windows as well. But my armz, zey are tired. (This accent thing is hard to break, sorreeee!)

We somehow got a New York Times delivered today as well, and the Wo joked that I would be tackling that crossword. (I tear up the Star's, it's not overly hard.) Ayah. Because I want to undermine all my accomplishments of the day with feeling like a dolt! But perhaps, just perhaps, one of the clues will involve SKEET. PULL!
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