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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Aggressive AND Special.

I've had two conversations that have amused me in the past day - last night, while we were driving to meet Momma Linda at Em Chamas (really, they should just drop the "E" and make it "MMMM Chamas", it's that tasty. Meat! On Swords!), JWo and I were talking about the upcoming NYTimes reporter's visit, and how exciting and cool it all was:

JWo: "I mean, I'm just an average guy."
Me: "I'm not average."
JWo (still in his train of thought): "I'm just ordinary!"
Me: "I'm not ordinary. I'm SPECIAL."
JWo: "I'm - wow - I'm just ...."
Me: "I would never say I'm ordinary. I'm unique! And Special."
JWo: "And humble!"
Me: "Oh, not so much."

Now, I'm not trying to finagle an interview for myself, in fact, I'm so proud and excited for him, I'm blinded by love and excitement. I even said that a fraction of 1% of me even has room to feel envious, and who cares! Global warming hasn't affected knitting. Or has it? (Waggles eyebrows) It certainly doesn't get cold enough anymore to wear heavy sweaters! Global warming, it's robbing me of my god-given right to wear bulky hand knits! How do the sheep feel about global warming?! Do they slow wool production, or are they simply grateful to be sheared? (OK, Tangent, go sit down.)

Then, this morning, I had a rep meeting with someone I've known for a long time, and she's recently taken a job with a business that will be a challenge for her. I believe I even told her, in my special blunt way, that I know she'll either turn things around or she'll quit before the end of next year. It's the truth, and she knows it, too. We were talking about a previous meeting I'd had with another salesperson, and she started laughing, and said, "And I thought :I: was the most passive-aggressive person I knew!" Well, my head tilted all "Baroo?" style, because huh? Was she talking about me? Turns out, no, she wasn't, and (in relief) I responded, "Phew! I mean, I just think of myself as plain ole AGGRESSIVE."

Be Aggressive! Be Be Aggressive! And Special! And Give Give Give Thanks! Or I'll pop pop pop ya in the nose! Because I'm Specially Aggressive! In the name of the Globally Warmed Sheep!

(Hi, I cannot leave for the weekend fast enough. My brain is in rapid-fire mode!)


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