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Friday, November 30, 2007

Tart Tongue

I was catching up with a colleague on the phone today, and we've had some good heart-to-hearts over the years.... she's had a rough year, since her husband has had a debilitating illness that has consumed their lives. He lost his job, she fights with Social Security, they have numerous doctor appointments & she just hopes and prays he'll get better. They love each other so much, that you know if love alone could heal, he would run a marathon tomorrow.

So I have to admit my jaw dropped when she told me about a third person we both know, who asked her point-blank if she was going to stay with her husband, since he hasn't gotten any "better".

Of course, it slammed back up so I could (very tartly) ask if she'd pointed out this person's physical disability and did her husband threaten to leave HER over it? I'm not a very kind person in the face of that kind of stupidity. Things like that make me crazy. Like, ok, you can think it? You can wonder, wow, how is she hanging in there? Does she ever want to run away to Aruba and change her name? But to question her faith and love and fidelity? Just like that? Questions like that say so much more about the person saying them.

I'm just agog. I would rip someone in half if they dared to question my commitment to James like that. IN. HALF. And then, just for good measure, I'd put them in a wood chipper. Welcome to Fargo, you idiot.
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