PlazaJen: Passion Knit

Sunday, December 02, 2007


Him: "So I hope you aren't going to be pissed with what I bought."

Me: "Why? What did you buy? You didn't buy the chain link?"

Him: "I bought... the kind of fence they use to keep goats in."

Me: "Goats. Why? Was it cheaper or something?"

Him: "It was the same price. It seems really badass. It's not welded, it's twisted. It's huge. And really heavy."

(more discussion about goats. Nevermind we don't have goats. Polly and Tripper are goat-sized. Perhaps we're getting those fainting goats for Christmas. Nothing says Yuletide Greetings like a passel of goats.)

Him: "And I bought you razor wire."

Me: "Oh my god, you totally know the way to my heart. And that I'll forgive everything else for a roll of razor wire."

(I have an unnatural love of razor wire, combined with an unwavering naiveté that doesn't understand why it's not legal to just have razor wire everywhere you want to put it. The fact I can't actually have it only makes me want it MORE. Deep down, a small part of me believes that if I could have razor wire, nothing bad could ever happen again.)


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