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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

An Extremely Snuggly Baby....

I am having a rough week. It's just rough. I'm tired. If I were Lucy in the chocolate factory, you'd see me staring straight at those pieces of chocolate as they shot by & fell right off the automated belt. (I feel like I'm letting things slide. I beat myself up and I get up and hustle around but still the things? They slide. Right off. Bad chocolate assembly line supervising.)

But this? This is not rough. This is sweet. This is Kara, who is in her 4th week on this earth. She is going to hate me someday, if only because of my camera flash. YOU! You're the lady that blinded me, every time I saw you! And I say "saw you" loosely, since it was always mere moments before you BLINDED ME.


I'd look indignant, too, if you flashed your brights in my face from 10" away. And even though the tulip sweater I knit her is going to have to wait, probably many weeks, as in 52 or more, the hat fit her splendidly. So she has some hand knitting for now, and some for later.


The best time to hold babies is when they're full, woozy and drunk from mom's milk. She is a snuggler, and curled right up in my arms. If I hadn't been holding her, I think she might have curled right up into a circle, like a little caterpillar. So as I sit here and feel stress lacing up my muscles like a corset and my mind swirls and eddies and I fight the feeling of a large beer keg crushing my lungs, I just remember that there is peace on earth, found in the smallest of things and the smallest of creatures.
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