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Thursday, December 13, 2007

B-HIND, that's B- HIND

It's my best game of Bingo, ever.

I am whatcha might call a little not so organized for Christmas. Or anything else. And really, all I'm inclined to do about it is drink a six-pack of cider & eat some Fritos and gaze upon the un-organization and panic and little fingers of terror and go, "DURRRR" like some giant sloth creature. (It IS a bitch to get the bottle caps off when you only have three fingers and the nails are too long...)

But we're off to a holiday party tonight, and you will never guess where! NEVER! Unless I already told you, and then it's not fair to play the game. At the DENTIST. Yes. JWo & I go to the same dentist, and they are having an office holiday party. And they invite their patients. And frankly, with all the money I spent on Molar No. 19 this year, I believe I have earned a few free appetizah and somesink to drink. (sorry, weird reference. $4.20. It's a compulsion!*) I'm only disappointed my endodontist isn't having a holiday party because I spent even more money with them and I would expect top-shelf liquor there.

We're really going because our hygienist is like, the greatest gal ever, and since I've been going to this dentist group since I moved to town, I've had two dentists and about 5 hygienists, but in the past 5-6 years, it's been all Danica, and since JWo and I are about 3 months apart in our cleanings, she stays pretty up-to-date on our lives - and remembers everything! So we really like her and it will be nice to talk to her, and Doctor Morgan, and be able to have complete conversations that don't go "Uhngh huh, arrrrrrup unk uhoooaiaiai errrre," on our parts.

I kind of want to show them my crown post-root-canal. I won't, because I know that's just a little too nuts. But when you spend more on a tooth than you do on your haircuts in an entire year? It can make you a little crazy. Uhngh huh!

*Chinese restaurant in the skyway of Minneapolis, had service over lunch down to a factory science. They'd shout as you went through the line: Appetizah? Somesink to drink? For here to go? $4.20. And you had a lunch and were out the door in record time.
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