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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Best In Show

I spent a chunk of time yesterday watching the Westminster Kennel Dog Show - I don't know why, it was on, I was waiting for James to get ready, and it amused me greatly. I love the Christopher Guest movie, and the more I watched it, the more I saw and heard the inspiration for the comedy. Those dog breeders are serious. And all of the female handlers wear sensible shoes, you know, for the running. I caught the tail end of the sporting breeds, and most of the hounds.

The staid, quiet, back-and-forth discussion between the emcees - priceless.... "The Basenji ... is not the dog for everyone...."

But my favorite moment came when, during the hounds, specifically a black and tan coonhound being shown, Tripper decided to start watching tv and got ALL bent out of shape about there being a foreign dog in the living room. He was low "burfing" and standing at attention while James and I tried to contain our laughter so as not to distract him.

The other two dogs will react to noises - the Law & Order CI phones sound exactly like our doorbell - but Tripper is the first to actively watch tv. Reminds me of dogsitting Gracie, and teaching her about truth and justice.

By the way, that coonhound's ears? 32" tip to tip. I never did see such a pair o' ears on a dog. Perhaps that's what alarmed Tripper.
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