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Monday, December 11, 2006

A Fun-Filled Weekend But Not So Much For Suzy

Driving in to work today reminded me of a Halloween graveyard scene - misty and overcast, stark leafless trees silhouetted against the gray sky. I brought in a bunch of Carrot Cookies, with a few held back for the Wo, and they were pretty well devoured. The switch from an orange glaze to an orange cream cheese frosting was a smart move.

I'm going to upload the photos tonight, but suffice it to say, dog-sitting Miss Gracie was a fun adventure. Polly could not believe her luck, to have a like-minded playmate who wanted to party and play with toys, every waking minute. Three dogs are funny, because you watch the whole pack behavior take over, and fortunately for all of us, Miss G is not particularly interested in being the Alpha, or even really anything but the Omega, so Suzy maintained her role as Top Dog, and then Polly spent a lot of time knocking Gracie onto her back in the yard. In the house, they played with Dirty Rotten Kitty and with each other, lots of paw action, and they would get pretty rambunctious. Quite possibly the funniest moment of the entire weekend was when Suzy had enough of their antics, and she stood up from her pillow, took two steps towards them and bellowed a disapproving "WOOF!" They chilled for a minute or two, then went back to carousing, and she did it again. I could barely see, I was laughing so hard. Like she was grouchy yelling, COME ON, you young 'uns, I'm tryin' to sleep.

To give myself some peace, our dogs went out to their kennel for parts of the days, and that's when Miss Gracie was her calm self, and quite possibly the sweetest dog I've ever met. I dubbed her "She Who Will Be Stepped On", because she's always right at your feet, usually behind you. She just wants petting, some love, to nap, and then to watch TV. I've never seen a dog watch TV like Gracie. We watched a lot of Law & Order, and I figured it was good to teach her about Justice. We also watched Million Dollar Baby, which was so good, but so sad. I think Polly & Gracie were only interested in the boxing techniques....

As a thank-you, Miss Kristin gave me a gorgeous skein of yarn - I'll get a pic of that as well. Lots to do tonight - tune in tomorrow for photos!
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