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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I Have Eight Million Orts & I'm Not Afraid To Use Them.

1. I have never been so cold at work in my life. I used to keep my office temperature on par with a meatlocker at the old job? But I enjoyed it. Reveled in it. For some reason, this winter at the office has become the Winter of No Heat, and my toes are cold (somewhat normal) - but my fingers were icicles. By the time I got home Monday night, the only way I could get warm was to wrap myself up in the oversized Einstein, and crawl under two hand-knit blankets while wearing hand-knit wool socks. This worked so well I woke up with sweat in my ears. Lovely.

2. I am enraptured with this tea. It's a special holiday blend, and it's so yummy - cloves and cinnamon and fruit. Kristin gets the catalog & they sent her a sample - she gave it to me & I was hooked!

3. I have spikes of anxiety & paranoia that, in a nutshell, are not charming. I can't wait until I wear my pajamas to the grocery store and wear a bird's nest for a hat.

4. There's been some recent insider-biz news & gossip about a certain key executive at a major retailer and it's just been SALACIOUS! And delicious. And amusing. And probably really enraging for a former employer, because she was instrumental in the business leaving their company. Karma! It can be so lovely!

5. I have tried to give "The Office" another go. Everyone at work watches it & raves, and are always suprised to hear I don't watch it. So I taped last week, and I will say, the scene where Michael stands up and becomes "Prison Mike" and starts berating all the employees and telling them how good they have it, and how much better the office is than prison? I turned to Wo and said "It's actually not that dissimilar to speeches we got from (Boss Name) at (Last Job)."

6. Polly's going to host a slumber party this weekend with a certain golden retriever puppy, and I'm sure they're going to run up the phone bill, braid each other's hair, and give each other tips on how to perform end-runs around their parents. I'm also sure they will wear each other out, or maybe that's just me hoping.

7. We have a mouse living under the basement stairs, and I don't care how Harry Potter that is, he's gotta go.

Well, there you go. It's a start. 7,999,993 orts to go.
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