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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Ice! Snow! ACTION!

Well, the Wo didn't have to work today - every school is closed here - and now the local weatherfolk are jumping around and slapping their knees because right behind this big rain/ice/frigid temp front is a large snowstorm, and while the general consensus is that we'll get 4-6", the fact that just south of here is in line to get 12-18", well, these broadcasters can barely keep their clothes on.

Sadly, there was no "non-essential workers should stay home" decree. Maybe it'll come tomorrow. The one time in my life where I rejoice in being non-essential. So many sirens singing, "Stay home! Stay home!".... we have a freshly roasted turkey in the house. And bad weather makes me want to bake bread. And the Da Vinci Code arrived from Netflix yesterday, delivered by an essential worker, of course. And all the knitting..... sigh. Guess I better go get my shower & begin my "estimate double the time" commute.....
posted by PlazaJen, 6:49 AM