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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I Can't See The Mania Because My Eyes Are Burning.

Today was a debacle beyond my control. The construction upstairs moved to the next step, which was installing carpet. Remember how I mentioned these dudes were more knowledgeable in the realm of vinyl? Well, they apparently didn't believe in the strong religion of "Ventilation", and when we got to work this morning, the entire office smelled as though a thousand of Santa's Little Helpers had been furiously building airplane models all night. Eye-scorching, lung-searing glue fumes. Fortunately, my boss & I had a meeting off-site, and that was followed by a lunch. The rest of our team vamoosed out of there, met back up for lunch, and then we went back to the office, which was better, but the longer you sat there, the more your eyes burned & your chest tightened. I'm starting to think my personal stupor was directly related.

I went to Lowe's tonight, and picked up everything on my list - including metal epoxy, and stain. So of course, because I'm being kinda crazy and hyper and project-focused, I had to do my small Junior Shop Projects, and I think the net result is that my brain is tired of being subjected to chemicals entering my bloodstream through my nasal passages. All I keep visualizing is the image of Spike Lee in "Crooklyn", where he gave himself a small part as a glue-sniffer. If it's not better tomorrow, I'll be detoxing in Hazelden for the Holidays......
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