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Monday, November 13, 2006

Don't You Just Love....

..... Those "Oh FUCK" moments? I had one of those this afternoon, when I broke from my usual routine of how I get out of the garage (hit the inside button, get in car, back out) and instead decided to get in the car, use the remote, and then back out. Too quickly. And who uses the frickin' rearview camera when you back straight out, no kids around? NOT ME. The door was alllllmost all the way up when I hit it (a horrible, horrible sound, btw), so I just smashed the rear windshield wiper. Right off. ARGH. I SCOWLINGLY drove straight to the dealer, (I'm still amazed how the ginormous dark cloud over my head fit inside that generous roomy interior with me) and they ordered a replacement arm - it's $30, so it could have been way worse, but it totally derailed my plans - I skipped the post office, got my sandwich to go, foregoing my sit-alone-eat-and-read-a-book plans, and I just went straight back home. It seemed like I'd tempted the fates a little too much by NOT destroying the back end of the car, or the garage, for that matter, and so back to home base I went. And then I thought about my friend who took on a concrete pole, and another friend (who happens to be married to me) who did the exact same thing, and thought, ok, I'm lucky, it's ok, but it still took a long time to shut off the Oh FUCK gnome in my head (he's the one with the megaphone).
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