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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Winning Hangover

I have a semi-splitting headache today, and no discernable cause. (I'm well-hydrated, caffeinnated, got enough sleep, haven't missed a meal since 1983....) The only thing notable today is that I woke up & discovered that for the first time in a LONG time of my voting life, I was able to say, "I'm a winner!" (Technically, I'm on the winning "side", and some of my issue votes passed, too.) I've contained the grandstanding because in our house, when one person wins, the other loses. And it's the same way at work. So I just expelled it at those fuckers down the street with their yard signs and from the comfort & privacy of Mimi, said, "LoooOOO-Hooo-Hoooo-OOO-Hooo-ZAHHHHHH" in their general direction as I drove to work.

In all the election drama, and getting ready to host bookclub, I completely forgot a birthday. Miss Polly. Yesterday, she was Three. Three years old! My li'l girl! She's overdue for a dental chew, so I'll give her a big one tonight & we'll have hugs, and I know she'll forgive the oversight.... Hopefully I'll also finish the Lizard Ridge border & have Final Pictures to share! (I'm doing the full-blown border with scallops on it - it gives it so much more stability & really pulls the whole thing together.) In the meantime, I'm drinking copious amounts of water and pushing the vision of leaving work & going home to nap out of my far, unsuccessfully....
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