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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Going Batshit Crazy And Medieval All At Once


Discover card sent the statement out by accident. Kind of like Capital One auto finance sending me a letter I'd been denied credit (and causing a sequential Panic! At the NuWos!) and it turning out to be the fact they MEANT to send the letter that my check was expiring soon. Whups.

So I left a message with the po-lice to get an update, and then I thought, hey, let's just make sure the Pizza Hut collection bitches are off my ass. Good thing I checked. They are clinging as tightly as a deer tick on a bloodhound. Fuckers. And Tashina, the "customer service" person, a term I use quite loosely in this situation? Apparently dressed up like a big fucking bitch for Halloween. I know I hinted it was going to happen, and it did. I blew a gasket. I saw it shoot up to the ceiling and disappear, piercing through the roof on its way to the moon. They are demanding a notorized affidavit from either the police (yeah, like that'll happen) or my bank. And wouldn't tell me what it should say to make it go away, just kept saying I had to send it. So I thanked her. Thanked her for being so helpful through such a difficult situation, Thank You for making me, the victim, have to do even MORE work to prove I did not buy $60 worth of goddamn pizza. And then I hung up on her. I never, ever hang up. I hope she gets Dung Heap Cupcakes in her damn trick-or-treat bag tonight.
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