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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Lizard Ridge Mania!

So, I've been cranking over the past couple of weeks, and have two more sets of photos - 12 more blocks - to show for the freneticism! (Is that even a word? It oughta be.)

Lizard Ridge Blocks, Set #2

Lizard Ridge Blocks, Set #3

Since these photos were taken, I have one more block completed, and another on the needles - five total blocks left to finish! Woohoo!

I'm holding off on sewing any together yet, because I want to get alllll my blocks done and then arrange them so there's some degree of color balance. As for finishing, I'm planning to seam three together in a strip, then block the strips, then do the side seams. I've been weaving in the ends with each block when I'm done, so as to not have a Knitter's Finishing Nightmare waiting for me - which of course would stand in the way of me actually completing it!

I also find my mind wandering to some sort of backing for the afghan. I'm not sure what that would be - a soft wool panel, perhaps? But then I'd have to do some degree of quilting/spot-tie panels, and that might be evolving the project to far beyond where it needs to go.

After all, I have more yarn just screeching to be knit!
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