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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Because That's How I Roll....

So, I got quite a few inquiries yesterday when people saw a new car parked in my spot in the garage. Mostly because it was a Mercedes, and not the Murano.

Mimi got her new dashboard installed, and let's just do a fervent hand-clapping YAY about that! And I was even happier that they got it done in a day. I made the dealership get me a rental car (slowly eating away at that profit they made from me), and kudos to Enterprise for the savviest upsell tactics, ever. The girl drove over and picked me up (just like in the commercials) and when I got in, surprised it was a Mercedes, she said, "I know the dealer is covering the base price on the rental, but for $10 more you can have this car for the day." Now, since they'd originally told me I'd be in a Chevy Impala, I ask you, dear reader, what you would do? It certainly wouldn't come as a shock to you, anyway, that I said, "Oh! Of course!" Well, let me tell you, it was the C-280, and it just wasn't as comfortable as the Murano (even though they're priced the same. And the Mercedes requires premium fuel.) I spent the entire drive to work mucking with the seat position, steering wheel position and desperately trying to change the radio station from the bubblegum pop she'd turned on.
However, it was still kinda fun. It was definitely responsive, more so than LaFonda or Mimi, and the handling was tight, so I was tempted to do some Super! Aggressive! Maneuvers! (calm down, JWo) but I didn't, mostly because I just wanted to get Mimi BACK as soon as possible.

I'm sorry. I've gotten distracted by "Work". I had to paste someone's picture on the Blink-182 album "Enema of the State" because another co-worker sent out an email she'd be doing cavity checks due to the donuts & brownies she brought in - and I'm sorry, you can't send out "cavity checks" to the whole office and not get a response from ME, and then I got a prank phone call for a bajillion reams of salmon three-hole punched paper and I TOTALLY fell for it. You can send one (not to me, please) here, and it was damn funny. I was PISSED, like, why in the hell am I getting this call and why isn't he letting me interrupt so I can transfer this to the office manager?

Karma, man. I tell ya, it's the real deal!
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