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Thursday, October 05, 2006

I Wasn't Called "Princess" For Nuthin'....

So, the new Murano is excellent, I love it, and once I could finally relax enough to not white-knuckle grip the wheel and stare straight ahead, I noticed a blemish on the dashboard. It irked me, and on closer inspection seemed to be just that: a blemish. So I toodled in to the dealership this morning,and they are ordering a new dashboard for me, as they were unable to solvent-it away. I felt relief, because I was gearing myself up for a Battle Royale - hello, the car has 150 miles on it, I barely drink coffee in it, why would I be digging in to the dashboard in Week One & rubbing schmutzig over it? (That's like, an activity for Week #149.) The funny thing is that if we'd bought this car used, I would get over it, or, as a friend suggested, knit a dashboard cozy & cover it up, but the whole point of "new" is that you pay the price for something unblemished and as close to perfection that you can get.

As I drove away I felt very much like the Princess & the Pea.... but hey. It was about getting what I wanted - but it was more about right v. wrong & Truth, Justice & the Jennifer Way.

In a semi-related note, the '06 model has the capacity to play MP3 CDs, which is awesome. I put in a mix CD yesterday, and was a little perplexed that it didn't show any song/artist information, but I just decided to go with the flow & be surprised. Today, perhaps bolstered by my victory, I looked down and saw a button marked "Display". When you push that button? All the music information is displayed. I know! How crazy is that coincidence? In any event, as I wrote the Wo, it was like Christmas morning, complete with a squeal of joy. After all, I knew I was bringing Sexy Back, but it was good to have it in black & white on the screen.....
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