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Thursday, September 28, 2006

What Did We Do Before Rap Music?

I'm trying to imagine my aged self, recollectin' and chillin' and throwing lines like "Ay yi yi, it's the motherfucking D-R-E, Dr. Dre, motherfucker!" when I'm sitting in the social room with my other knittin' bizatches. It sounds strange, but I can see it.

I'm on a HUGE learning curve this week. I won't sugar-coat it, if I don't think I'm going to use a particular knowledge, my brain doesn't bother. I've got so many ideas & craziness floating around in there, it doesn't need anything else. But obviously, I need to learn the car stuff. So I've been doing that. Then, my work peep gives me a nice lesson in iTunes & how I can listen to other people's music at the office, and so I'm sitting her rockin' out to Dr. Dre (motherfucker) Chronic 2001, courtesy of one of my homies. I have two awesome stand-out memories with this album, and I hope they stay with me until I die, because when I listen to the music & see those moments, it's like turning a light on inside & I smile, and feel great affection for my friends and amusement at the situation. (Part of the amusement is that I'm listening to Dr. Dre in hte first place.) The first memory is JWo and I listening to it in my old apartment on the plaza, and playing dominoes. Good, good times. The second is when Liz, Ashley & I rolled out to the company picnic with it cranked, and we all had bad attitudes and it was just so funny & fitting and SO not the personality of that agency/the owner/most of the employees. Mmmmm or really three white gals from the Midwest, but please. Disagree & I bust a cap in yo ass.

Speaking of fitting in, it's a funny thing, isn't it? We get such pressure and influence to be a part of something, and yet we reward & laud independence and creativity and standing out from the crowd. Being different can be the most demonized and also the most lauded characteristic in a human being. Most of the people I hang out with and adore are not cookie-cutter type folks - and I'm getting in a minivan with five of them tomorrow morning! :) I hope they'll let me play some rap music on our drive.....
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