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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Still Learning The Roads.....

I was not aware I-70 took you straight to Lawrence, KS. (How long have I lived here?) I have only EVER gone there via K-10, which, if you're leaving my home on the south siiiiide, makes sense. So. Imagine my surprise when I noticed on my li'l Mapquest map after I got to Lawrence that I-70 came swooping down and seemed to kiss it on the forehead. Huh. Would have probably cut about 20 minutes off my drive, because I was Up North, which amuses me to capitalize it, because living in Minneapolis meant there was a universal term, "Up North", which meant going to one of the million lakes and most likely a cabin. The term was so universal, they sell sweatshirts with "Up North" on 'em.

I was, as I was saying, Up North, and so I decided I should get on I-35 and take that to I-435 to catch K-10. (This is so fucking fascinating for all of you who don't live here, isn't it?) ANYway, I'm just recapping my weekend, and basically I spent a lot of time driving on Saturday - up to see my friend Roger, we had lunch, I then headed off to Lawrence for a baby shower (my dear friend Ashley) and then back home again, home again, ladybug. I believe I was gone for a total of seven hours. The wind was beastly, and the sensation of being in the car, along with the buffeting of the wind, was still in my body when I went to sleep. Again, I realize: FASCINATING.

This is the glamorous life. Today? Spent mostly in pj's, crying in my beer as the Chiefs lost in overtime, stomping my feet outside Einstein's for closing early (motherfuckers)(I had gotten dressed though), and knitting a pair of socks for my stepmom. There is no car news (woe, woe is me. I weep, I gnash my teeth, I even bore myself now, the routine is so familiar...) There are no big exciting meetings this week (thankfully). I shall have to take pictures of my socks (and their conversations) for the blog this week, because other than that, there's not loads of anything exciting and new...... except it's premiere week & my poor DVR is going to be smokin', as I preview some of the new shows and decide whether I should watch them long-term - and whether they are going to have enough of an audience to warrant buying them for my clients. We watched the Amazing Race premiere tonight, and if you watched - and didn't tear up at Sarah climbing that wall with her prosthetic leg? - than you are hard-core and probably won't like reading this blog and you, my friend, should drive to Lawrence on horseback.

There's probably a trail. For my Amish friends. And it's still probably faster than my route. SHEESH.
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