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Friday, September 08, 2006

All The Ass Clowns Are Heretofore Put ON NOTICE:

Today is just one snarl after the other, most of which are coming through my curled sneer of an upper lip. ROWR!

Traffic around these parts is fucked up. There is no sugar-coating it. The goddamn circus people screwed up the Plaza (and didn't even deliver on shooting people out of cannons, according to my sources), the goddamn art fair in Westport blocked off a very busy section of town, sending cars through the parking lot of a local overpriced grocery store, and over quite possibly the largest speedbump in the Midwest. Seriously. I was going 3 mph and thought I might pull a Duke Boys on the downside of that bad mo-fo. I looked to see if a bassett hound had snuck into the front seat. Then, I heard from another scout that my commute home will be royally jacked up because President Bush is in town for some $1,000 a plate fundraiser at some swanky mansion and security will be high. High as a motherfuckin' KITE and won't that be fun, given that all the road through there is TORN UP for repaving. At least I got the heads-up on that one and will take a different road home.

Spending 40 minutes to get Vietnamese take-out while some ass clown from Kansas tries to talk on the phone and read all the street signs on the Plaza while traveling between 15mph and 40 mph, and erratically changing lanes in front of me might be YOUR idea of a good time? You might deduce from all the salty language I was NOT a happy camper. Add to that I've hit my limit with rudeness and with being patient, and I think it's probably safe to say the whole world should be glad it's Friday. I've got some fun things planned for this weekend, the skunk smell is abating, and the Chiefs play on Sunday. Stay safe, and stay away from Ward Parkway & 55th tonight!
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