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Thursday, August 31, 2006

There Are Days....

Like yesterday, where you expect to hear a chorus singing "Everything's goin' my waaaaaay" and then there are days like today, which, according to Amazon, is the day my books are going to arrive, look at them stepping up and gettin' ON IT, so thanks for that guys, because the rest of the day makes me want to run around with my hands over my head like I'm a monster in a bad Michael Jackson video, and I want to grimace and shriek and yell at anyone in my path, and some of those in my path will also be bitch-slapped. Which means I'll have to bring my hands down from up over my head, BUT, I'm just going to have to bust up the choreography & do it.

I'm seriously considering getting a punching bag for my office. And my books just arrived, right this minute. I yelled, "Praise Jesus" at our office manager. Maybe this means we're working towards an upward swing again. I'm ready to put my hands over my head at any minute, however. BUST A MOVE or BUST SOME HEADS.

posted by PlazaJen, 1:19 PM