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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

KC Weather Forecaster & Me, #2!

Attacking Another Weather Personality

Here I am with Channel 9 (ABC)'s Brian Busby. Could not have been nicer, could not have been more polite, despite the Clay-Aiken-Stalkeresque-Quality I feel coming out of my pores when I solicit a photo with any of these TV people. For whatever reason, I feel compelled to introduce myself with, "My husband LOVES the weather." Because I? I am a hatah. Weathah Hatah. Not really, but seriously. If there's anyone I know who can watch & read & understand weather charts and forecasts like these weather people, it's JWo. He could give them all a run for their money. And I have many pictures of us together!

Two down, technically two to go. (Fox and NBC). But really. It only matters if I get a pic with NBC's Gary Lezak, the King of Weather and Giant Arm Gestures and Excited Utterances. I could make this photo opp happen, but I'd prefer it to unfold a little more "naturally." After all, I do this more for my (and your!) amusement than anything else!
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