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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Late Summer Fantasy.....

I am currently in two fantasy sports "operations". One is baseball, and given everything that happened this spring, I didn't do a damn thing. I was assigned some players, somehow, and through absolutely no skill or action on my part, I am currently in 6th place (out of 10!). Go me!

I'm attempting to put a little more effort (not that moving from "zero" is that much of a challenge!) into the football league I joined, formed by Bekah. Right now, my favorite part is the "Smack Talk" section. (Statistics? Selection? Whatever, Schmatever!) It helps that I'm more of a football fan now, vs. baseball. But I'll never be one of those statistic-spouting dudes, or even one of those people who can shout out what the next play SHOULD be. That is just too risky. I'm excellent at screaming, cheering, and understanding (for the most part) what is actually happening, and I adore the once- or twice-per-year chance I get to attend a game, when the wind whips over the arch of Arrowhead and slices through the stadium, freezing my nose and fingers. When it's 4th down and the Chiefs decide to go for it, and the roar of the crowd (the loudest in NFL) thunders through your skin, and your own voice is lost in the enormous chorus, untrained and unrehearsed, and you lose the sense of being alone even in your own mind, because you are now part of the Chiefs Borg, the swaying, howling miasma of drunken fans and everyone stomps their feet to make some noise and hopefully keep their toes from freezing off.

Yeah. I'm ready for some football.
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