PlazaJen: Passion Knit

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Last Thursday, the delightful Miss Shanny came to knit night, and we had much fun with the group, knitting, drinking, noshing, all good times. We finally got the cameras out, and Shannon's an expert at the self-portraiture, mostly because she's got them long arms and can get at a good angle away from herself. Me? I got them T-Rex arms, only good for bunching up yarn close to my bosoms and flapping my hands at anything that gets too close for comfort. (Mind you, I do NOT have the Short Arm Syndrome, where my arms are 3" too short for my torso. I'm Just Plain Short.) So my series of self-portraits featuring Shanny are a little like how I feel when I'm trying to get into the top cupboard and not crash all the dishes down on my head. Peeking! Peeking! They also had a photobooth feel to them, albeit a photobooth with the camera jostled out of proper pointing direction.


Fun times - good eats - great yarn! We're glad you visited, Shanny!

AND a day-after shout-out to JWo, Happy Burfday to him! Love you sweetie! For the first time ever, he actually had to teach school on his birthday. But all the 5th graders sang to him! How cute is that? Next year, he & I will be celebrating birthdays again, but this year we kind of back-burnered 'em. (We've had a lot going on, you might say...)
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