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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Random Orts

1. Today is election day in Kansas City, and I personify the great American unwashed voter: I'm uninformed and apathetic. At least when the zoo bond was up for a vote, the city (and our yard) had cool polar bear signs. Don't politicians understand all it takes is a cute, cuddly (but deadly) icon & their awareness would shoot through the roof? In any event, I'm going to spend some time today & review all the questions & candidates and vote after work. I'm just glad the phone will stop RINGING constantly with political polls, tape-recorded pitches.... for a little while, anyway.

2. We should have a minimum of 12 days per year that are "I can't get out of bed" days. I felt like I was a danger to myself and others driving in to work this morning, and you know how I feel about bad drivers. I gave myself the finger at least twice and shouted a couple times, just for penance.

3. With daytime highs forecast to hit 104 AGAIN this week, I am Officially Ready For Fall. ORFF. You're either with me or against me, and if you like this weather then I'm going to run you over in the street. Don't worry. I'll honk at myself afterwards.

4. I'm so absent-minded, I opened my first Diet Mountain Dew, and then turned to the left & opened the second one. Out of embarassment with myself, I chugged the first one. I'm well into the second one and the fog is still not clearing.

5. Overheard at breakfast at Sharp's in Brookside:
Me: "I just felt like I was ... settling, on the car I want."
JWo: "Do you hear that sound?"

*Referencing my theme song at the last job, "Sound of Settling" by Death Cab for Cutie.
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