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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Good Thing The Chair Already Leans Way Back

So, I never thought a dentist would make me swoon, and I never thought being viewed as young would be so startlingly appealing, but today? My dentist thought I was under the age of 30. Now, upon further reflection, I am wondering if he can see, or if he is perhaps going daft, but in the moment, it seemed like a really swell compliment. We were talking about my lower wisdom teeth, and he said, "Well, if you were 20, then there'd be no question, we'd take them out." To which I replied, "Considering I'm nearly twice that, then, we won't?" He turned and said, "Oh! Well. I didn't realize you were over 30, no, we will just leave them where they are." And I, the one who is firmly devoted to AGING GRACEFULLY and accepting myself and ignoring the Beauty Myth and Hollywood, that girl, I exclaimed, "OH MY Dr. Morgan, you certainly know the fastest way to my heart, hmm, thinking I'm under 30?!?" And that flustered him a bit, which was rather amusing, though I think we all know the notion of hitting on my nearly-60-year-old also-married dentist is about as absurd as me taking flight off of our rooftop with some Icarus wings in this heatwave; we then had a fairly one-sided conversation about how people's ability to gauge age changes as you grow older. One-sided, because his hands were holding my mouth open and he was checking all my fillings.

The swooning, it was so fleeting.
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