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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Sorry Dad.

Flying right in the face of my father, who told me nobody was interested in my dreams, today? I choose to give you BOTH the dreams I remember from last night. It's been quite some time since I remembered a dream, even - and I know all the ones I've had in the past month have been scary, bad, filled with conflict, filled with fear. No great shakes to interpret that, I suppose.

The first was extremely vivid. I dreamt that I got up super early, and rode my bike 30 miles, to a quaint shopping area in a small town outside of St. Louis. When I got there, I found the bike shop where I'd originally purchased the bike, and wheeled it in, stating I needed repairs. It had a flat tire, and was missing one of the pedals. I amazed them with my story of having ridden the bicycle there, especially with only one pedal, and then we decided the bike was worth $8 and I could just buy a new one for $500, but they had to put it together, and I was really stressed out because I still had to ride it another 30 miles to get work.

Would that I exercised half as much in a week's time!

Then I had a second, awful dream, where two guys were trying to kill us, and I kept shooting my shotgun at them, but instead of blasting, it worked like a pellet gun, and I was really pissed, because the whole point of a shotgun is "general aim" and then I finally disabled the one guy by pelting him in the arm, and got his gun away and we were waiting for the police. Yeah, that last part? Doesn't require a lot of interpretation, hm.

I have a few days off, in which I am revelling. I haven't had a day off that wasn't linked to cancer, death, burglary or exhaustion from driving, in a really long time. So if it means I still have crazy dreams when I sleep, I'm ok with that, because at least I'm sleeping, and at least my brain is finally trying to untangle everything. I have a whole 'nother post on grief & the erratic process (Hey! it's definitely like riding a bike with one pedal!)
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