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Friday, July 14, 2006

Things I've Learned Today:

1. Working the front desk of the KC South Patrol Police Department has got to be interesting, every single day. While waiting to be helped & then waiting for change from having to purchase a copy of our police report, someone called in and was pissed at Walter for taking his car and then wanted to tell additional stories, presumably of how Walter had done him wrong on other occasions, and the woman firmly instructed said caller, over and over, on the proper procedure for reporting crimes and what she could and could not do over the phone. Then, a skinny angry young lady came in to file a complaint because the police never took her mother to a battered woman's shelter like they were s'posed to, and she was PISSED, even though this happened three weeks ago.

1A. I was moderately irritated that I, said victim of burglary, had to pay $8 for a copy of my police report. So much so that when the woman helping me exhaustedly asked if I had exact change, I didn't even try to look and see if I did. Find me my change, lady. Y'all couldn't get to my house in under 20 minutes, thus allowing four men to take thousands and thousands of dollars in personal property? I'm not going to do backflips through my purse.

2. Two thumbs up to American Family Insurance. I love my agent, in St. Louis, and I've been happy with their service every single time. Unless they drop us, and then I'm going to blog about that and curse them. But in the meantime, highly recommended.

3. Did you know a large number of people go in to the cable store to put money on their cable bill? I felt like a cake-eater, but I just did not understand why anyone would wait in line 30 minutes to pay their bill (and I waited in line for a good ten minutes to pay the glorious cable company $510 for a fucking DVR cable box that won't even work now that it's left our home). I got back in the car and told JWo, my world would be FUBAR'd if I had to go and pay all our bills at the various offices. Seriously, once you put the water, electricity, phone, gas bill into the mix? I'd be taking three days off of work every month. Internet, I love thee.

4. Banks are now hiring tellers who are 14 years old. The young man-boy working at the bank looked like he wasn't old enough to mow my lawn, let alone dabble in my checking account.

5. It's 1,000 degrees today, and it's going to stay that way. Apparently this is the price I pay for living my winters without fourteen feet of snow. Fat Girl Sweating. I'm just warnin' ya.

TGIF! But we already knew that one.
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