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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Birthday Yarrrrrrn

Birthday Yarn

Well, I had secret high hopes that Miss Kristin would be gifting me some handspun.... little did I know how absolutely splendiferous it would be!!!!! She made me enough for a pair of socks, it's superwash wool and some of the softest yarn my fingers ever have touched. (Say you wanted some, you could go buy you some right here on her Etsy page.) The colors are a rich cherry & pink with dark plum and lavenders shot through. She named it "No Place Like Home" and informed me that knitting with red yarn has healing properties. If I could, I would thread a darning needle with the stuff and sew up all my rips and tears on my psyche and my heart that the last few months have rendered. Instead, I will knit myself some socks, and I will heal up my wounds, keep moving forward, the only way out is through, my old normal will never be with me again, but all of this is ok. Life is for the living, and I'm still here. I want to stand outside in the rain that is pouring down, turn my face to the sky and feel water on my face that isn't from my own tears. And I want to whisper under the rumble of thunder, feeling the reverberation in my chest: "I am loved."
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