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Monday, July 03, 2006

Slumber Party Week!

In the wake of the burglary, I've had a houseguest each night, in addition to both dogs sleeping in the bedroom. Sadly, not one night was spent doing hair, makeup or nails. However, last night, my friend Jimmi & I got caught up on the Grey's Anatomy finale, still on the DVR that was NOT stolen, and while it was good, it was oh, you know, a frickin' knife through my heart. The heart patient dude dies, the resident who loves him stays on his bed curled up with him, just like Brenda did with my dad after he died, one of the other residents carried her off the bed, just like her oldest son did to her - and let's just leave the trip down memory lane at that. I snuffled. But I didn't fall apart, because right now, the last thing I can do is fall apart.

James gets home today (he has been in Detroit for five days) and I expect I'll fall apart then. I will at least start getting more than 5 hours of sleep. Then, the alarming of the home commences. Outdoor siren is a GO! I wonder if there's an extra service charge to get dudes rapelling from a helicopter & ninja ass-kicking would-be thieves. I was hoping for some sort of Raiders of the Lost Ark booby-trap, like a thousand nail guns firing if a trigger gets tripped, or a giant net falling from the ceiling and releasing a million fire ants on the trapped pigfuckers. Perhaps I'll need to form my own security company to install those measures. Evil suggestions are welcome.
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