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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Move Over, Cesar....

That's Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer. Yes, he's a stud.
But we have a new stud in our life, named Mike Rowe.

Star of Dirty Jobs on the Discovery channel. Holy Toledo, this is an awesome show!!!! We've been DVR-ing them and catching up on all his escapades. I have to say, the pig farm outside of Vegas that uses all the buffet leftovers & cooks the refuse into slop is still the worst one, ever. Though the cockroach-infested home comes a close second. I told JWo if that were my house, I would just burn the motherfucker to the ground and never look back. I'm still itching at the thought of all those hideous roaches, everywhere. And the funniest episode (so far) has to be the ostrich farm. I could not stop laughing at the ostriches & their changed behavior once their little heads got black hoods pulled over 'em. It was like all up-in-your-grill angry-could-kill-you-ostrich maneuvers and then whoosh, a little blindfolding and they're all, Heeeeeeeey, duuude. Where ya wanna go? Like stoners smelling pizza.
Anyway, if you haven't seen this show, and you work at a desk job, it's good to remind you of all the other things out there that you could be doing and maybe wouldn't want to - and you learn stuff, too. Plus there's Mike. Funny, fast, and charmingly handsome. Sigh.

But I wouldn't wanna do his laundry, that's for sure.
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