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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Serenity NOW!

I'm feeling a little like George Costanza's dad, walking around & shouting angrily "Serenity NOW!"

On the other hand, I feel a strange sense of calm. There are only so many things worth valuing and wringing your hands over, and all of them are still here. Of course, except my father, but I also recognize reality.

We are going to turn the abode into one level below Fort Knox, and I'm still debating on the outdoor siren. For whatever reason (probably the same reason I love me a megaphone), it speaks to me. I guess it comes down to whether I want my neighbors to speak to me after the first false alarm?

The dogs are maintaining the front lines, and Suzy especially is not having any time for the security people coming in with their quotes. This morning was especially eyebrow-raising, just how pissed she was. I have to admit, I love it. They did this last time I had a scare, picked up on my anxiety & stepped up their own guard-dog levels. They follow me everywhere and it's a great feeling. Polly might try to lick someone to death, but I have complete faith that Suzy would take someone's arm or face right off. Reconstructive surgery: a bitch.

My task at hand is to have some serenity, and to enjoy as much as I can, the time off. So, if you're in the metro area and you see a round red-head marching about in her off-road crocs, muttering SERENITY NOW! hey - just say hi, I'll tell you my life story, I did it to a stranger at Target yesterday, and we'll have good times. Just keep your hands away from Suzy.
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