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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Hello, 4 a.m.! You're One Ugly Beyotch!

Yeah, I had a great big post about the horrors of being awake at 4 a.m., and then my computer froze up, further reinforcing the horror, and then Li'l P decided to explore the entire neighborhood when I let the dogs out, so I stomped around for half an hour, until I spotted her and dragged her home, which also reinforced the horror of early mornings, actually for both of us.

Let's just try, in a quick recap, to gather the essential nuggets before my head blows off my body. I do not like early mornings, and now I'm mothertrucking wide awake. I also referenced a desire to buy the Time-Life Superstars of the 80's CD set, because Huey Lewis was telling me how awesome it was, and I also saw this commercial for fatherhood, because the only other commercials on that early are PSAs (for me and the dairy farmers). But that commercial was damn cute. There was another one about a woman who fought a company to get them to stop dumping in streams and their waste was causing cancer and she got the company shut down but it put half the town out of work and all the kids are sick with NO insurance now. The message payoff? Give blood (instead). WTF???? Give blood, and let the motherfucking polluters run rampant 'cause Lawd knows we're better off having a job, insurance AND cancer than just cancer. Whatever truth may lie in that statement, doesn't support the ad. And I still don't like 4 a.m.

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