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Sunday, July 16, 2006

This Afternoon, I'm Baking Cookies On The Driveway.

So, it's like, totally hot. Not in the sleazy Paris-Hilton-slutty-drawl trying-to-trademark-the-stupidest-phrase-ever sort of way, but in Holy-Crap-I-burnt-my-eyebrows-off--re-entering-the-atmosphere-in-my-car sorta way.

This turns us into The Mole People. Shades drawn, a/c on, slowly moving only when necessary. Yesterday, that meant a lot of crawling around on the floor, because I was hooking up our surround sound (I am becoming an expert and soon will be seen driving a painted/wrapped Scion emblazoned "Jen on Demand! Hookin' Up All Yo' Shit!"). The only benefit was the scientific fact that heat rises, and by being flat on the floor, I was as far from the heat as I could get.

I saw a lot of people yesterday driving around with their windows down, and I could only guess that they were trying to improve their gas mileage by not running the a/c, or else I missed the bit on the news about a large number of folk breaking out of the asylum & knocking off a car dealer. I must say, unless you are from oh, around the equator, I can't justify the gas mileage savings in this heat. Oddly enough though, I am the girl who immediately starts to sweat & takes a good fifteen minutes in front of a fan to stop? Yesterday? Didn't crack a sweat until I left Target and walked to my car. Even IN Target, I usually sweat, because the air isn't moving. I get that lovely clammy skin-chill combined with sweat pouring out my head. It's damn sexy and if you see me coming, do us a both a favor and run the other way, because you will be unable to fight the desire to run up and touch me. mmm-hmmm. I'm like another sun, the gravitational pull is so great.

Anyway, it's going to be 98 today, 99 tomorrow & Tuesday, up to 100 on Wednesday, and then a cool front comes through, dropping it back to 99 on Thursday. I'm going to be fighting off a LOT of fans this week. No pun intended.
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