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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Rain, Blessed Rain....

I have an uncommon knack for going to the grocery store ten minutes before the heavens open up and dump all their stowed-away contents onto the earth. Pretty much a rain dance for me, driving to the Price Chopper. Actually, I got gas first, and noted how windy it was getting. In the back of my mind, I thought, Heh. Maybe I should just go home. But no! I must bring something to knit night, and there's no way I'll get up in the morning to shop.

So I drove over to the store, and noted that all the tree tops were scolding me, shaking violently and waving, "Go home! You fool! Big storm's a-comin'!" Instead, I chose to press on, and marvel at how the huge volume of dust in the air was blowing horizontally and if you squinted, it almost looked like rain. I got in the store, and I hoofed it. Only the utter necessities, at warp speed. It didn't matter. By the time I pointed my cart back out the door, people were running in the parking lot, rain was pelting down, and it was hap-mad-dashery to LaFonda and then - oh lord, karma will get me - my cart blew away. Blew away! Ran right into the front corner of my car and was off like a race car, making a break for freedom. I've never seen a cart travel so fast without a push! And I had a choice. I could race after it, and become a fully drowned rat, or I could collapse into my car and watch, with an open mouth, as the wind pushed said car across the parking lot (there were no cars in its path) before I could even get the car started. So. Yeah. I didn't get the cart. I apologize, and I simply hope that cart-retrieval tonight at the Chopper was delayed due to the weather and someone goes and gets it when it's not quite so torrential.

I think everyone who got caught in this rain tonight could pretty much have cared less, because we all knew the line of storms was bringing with it a dramatic change in the weather - it's already dropped 30 degrees from the high today! Now, I best get to bed, so I can get up and chop 'maters, onion & squeeze some limes - I am doctoring up some purchased guacamole.... if I made it tonight, I'd have eaten it for dinner! :) Hmmm. Guacamole. It's not just for breakfast anymore!
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