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Monday, August 14, 2006

Pistachios for Breakfast

There you have it. I've started my day with chili-lime pistachios (Archer Farms/Target brand, aren't they doing crazy things these days with their house brand? Kudos!) And I'm drinking diet Black Cherry Vanilla Diet Coke. Piss off, Wheaties & coffee! I've got a new bizarro combo!

I'm notorious for strange consumables in the morning, especially on the weekend. I've had spaghetti for breakfast, I've rationalized Triscuits as simply Shredded Wheat with salt, instead of sugar, and I've eaten more cheese for breakfast than I've ever had as an appetizer. I even know a certain someone who has ice cream for breakfast. Hey, it's dairy!

What're some of the strangest things you've eaten for breakfast? Not counting brunch, or cold pizza (shudder). I can tell you, even though this was dinner on Friday night? I'd eat all this sushi for breakfast in a New York minute. YUM!

posted by PlazaJen, 10:25 AM