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Friday, August 11, 2006

Good Times!

We had a fabu knit night last night; the lovely Shannon drove over from visiting her parents & joined us for knitting, beer brats & sangria.... pictures to come this weekend, let's just say she's much better at the arm-extended portraiture than I am. However, we'll have an entertaining series from my camera, as I sliced the bottom of our faces off at different points, repeatedly.
Some things are hard for me to learn.

It's Friday, this will have been the first full week of work for me since I-don't-know-when and I don't really care to figure it out, since most of the weeks involved sadness or badness. I mean, yeah, I left an hour early last night, but I'm not counting that. It's almost the weekend, there will be much knitting & netflixing, and I swear, by the time I watch all my Prime Suspects, Crackers, and finish reading the first Thursday Next book, "The Eyre Affair", I'm going to be affecting a faux-British accent just like Madonna by Monday. Minus the leotard, mind you. I do have good taste, and I don't want to drive someone to putting their own eyes out.

Happy weekending to all of you, too! And if you want to wear a leotard, in the privacy of your own home, then bollocks, just go and do it.
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