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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Snails on a Plane

I was having a conversation with a co-worker about SNAKES! on a PLANE! and my fascination with the whole "thang" - less with the movie itself, but with how the surge of fans grew and awareness was built and the viralness and popularity of the movie - long before it was ready to be released. And how they went back & added & edited the movie, based on that fan buzz & devotion. Would that people got that excited about VOTING. In any event, I was describing how there's an audience participation script already written, and when I went to Google it, I had dyslexic fingers, and kept typing "Snales". I burst out laughing & said, "Snails on a Plane! Can't wait to see THAT movie! RUN! There's SNAILS! Well, ok, WALK! Oh hell, just move over a seat."

But if you do go to the official website? You can have Sam Jackson email or phone message a directive to go see the movie, and he incorporates all the details you select. So of course, JWo got a message. And since we're not big movie-theater people, we'll probably wait for the Netflix copy....via snailmail.
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