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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Balls to Nuts

Yesterday afternoon, Miss Kristin and I attended the local CBS premiere party. The much-touted, prize-filled, lavish exTRAvaganza. There were drinks! Celebrities! Trips to NYC to watch various tapings - Letterman, Ellen, Regis & Kelly. We heard there were scads of additional prizes, gift certificates, whatever. So it was definitely a must-attend event.

All of the TV people were there as well, and we rode up in the elevator with the 10p news anchors. Cementing my role as a stalker, I later introduced myself to Katie Horner, and told her my husband just loves the weather. During the presentation, we sat with all the news people, me parked right next to Ms. Horner, and true to form, Kristin & I giggled and had our own sort of entertainment through the whole thing. Finally? Prize time. The first prize given away was an "Ellen" t-shirt and sneaker deodorizing balls. Surprised it wasn't a Rolex, I leaned over and whispered to Kristin, "I hope you win that!" and as we laughed, her name was drawn. Ooops. She pointed out if I won a trip, she was coming with me. Basically, it was t-shirts, some toasters that imprinted "Regis & Kelly" on your toast, and the trips. I won nothing. Except we did get a picture of me with Katie:
Kickin' it with the weather lady

So, that covers the "Balls" part of the title, lets move on to the nuts.
We went to Joe's Crab Shack to have dinner with my MIL and our nieces, who were hilarious chatterboxes the whole evening. We went back to MommaLinda's house for Pecan Pie Cake (OMG, OMG, best dessert EVER), and apparently our younger niece Danielle doesn't like nuts. So as she's picking through her cake, she's talking: "These are BIG nuts. Big nuts. I can't believe how big these nuts are. How am I supposed to eat nuts this big? These are some BIG NUTS." My mother-in-law and I were positively shaking from internal giggling.

OH, and last, but not least, and backtracking a bit, we took Leper Barbie to the CBS party. One of our sales reps from that station gave her to Kristin (that's a whole separate story); she had been his daughter's Barbie until the family dog got hold of her and did a serious number on her arms & legs (thus her rather unfortunate name.) She has a couple of outfits, and since she lives most of her life in Kristin's cubicle, we thought she'd like to get out and go to a party. I apologize for the qualitiy of these photos, I didn't bring the Canon with me, but as you can see, she had a pretty good time, even though, just like me, she didn't win ANY fabulous prizes:

Leper Barbie Gets Out
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