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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Pass The Douche On The Left-Hand Side....

Well, hubby came home from hunting/scouting yesterday - and they (primarily Suzy) had gotten poofed by a skunk no bigger'n a kitten. LURVELY. I found a recipe online that used hydrogen peroxide, baking soda & soap, but it hasn't eliminated the odor.
Now, I'm left to the last resort - feminine douche. I did some more research today & this is what people are swearing by! Most sites dismissed tomato juice, interestingly enough.

So, that should be fun at Target tonight, I can just imagine the eyebrow raise of the cashier when I roll through with fifteen boxes of extra-strength whatever - and it's not like you can quickly explain, "It's for my dogs..." Poor Suzy. She wants lovin' but she stinks too much - and then Polly laid on her bed, so she picked up the smell, too. Basically, it's just good times and Douche Night at the NuWo residence....
posted by PlazaJen, 10:29 AM