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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Die In A Fire! Or How The Bunn Automatic Company Is Secretly Trying To Kill Us.

Let's roll back, back to the days of Widow Creek, when the Wo & I lived in a lovely two-bedroom apartment in a complex that doubled as God's Waiting Room for many of Kansas City's aged, one of whom was our neighbor and we were never lucky enough for HER to die, Good O'l Harriet. That Christmas, my dad asked me what James would like for his present, and I told him: A Bunn Coffeemaker. James has a great love of the Bunn, its speed for brewing, how it always has a reserve of hot water at the ready, it's truly the perfect coffeemaker for the Duck Hunting Home (where coffee is made at 2:30 a.m.). So, not surprisingly, we were gifted with a very nice Bunn coffeemaker, and it served us well after we moved into our home, just fitting under the kitchen cabinet. Then, I decided to subscribe to the magazine versio of Consumer Reports, in addition to the online subscription I had. (Seriously, I support Ralph Nader in so many ways, except for that whole "Let's Only Own One Pair Of Boots" thing. I have four pairs of Crocs, for chrissake.)
DUM dum DUUUUM! In either the first or second issue, I see "RECALL! BUNN COFFEE!" and shortly thereafter, ascertain that we own one of the models prone to bursting into flames. (A small percentage, of course, but all the same. FLAMES.) We were given the option to either send it in for repair, or we could purchase a brand-new coffeemaker for half-price. After looking at the options, we decided to upgrade, and buy the coffe brewer that came with a thermal carafe, and that would eliminate the nearly-daily question of "Did you turn the coffeepot off?" Bueno. Great. New coffee maker, no die in a fire.

So when I came home from work on Thursday, weary from the repetitive motion of putting my angry eyes off and on all day, I espy with my angry eyes? A letter from our friends at Bunn. Oh yes. Apparently 16 of the half-million coffee makers they produced during such-and-such time for such-and-such models have melted and caught on fire. Please to be checking under your pot to see if yes indeed, you too could DIE IN A FIRE. Well of COURSE our model is under the recall. We have options, once more. We can send it in for repair? Or we can have a whole new one sent, free of charge.

Of course we chose the brand-new one, free of charge. We selected the "Open Flame Brewing Method With Extra Oxygen Tanks And Meltaway Plastic" model. It'll be great. I hope we get at least one pot of coffee out of it before it self-combusts.
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