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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Highlight Of My Day....

Work Conversation:

Me (to co-worker, J): "What would it take for you to wear that helmet all day?" (motioning to a ski helmet sitting on a desk.

J: "I'll tell you what it'd take. Dunkin Donuts coffee."

Me (perking up): "Really? That's it?"

J (immediately sensing he has set the bar too low): "I mean, a fresh, hot cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee, in a Dunkin Donuts cup, and a pound of beans."

Me: "Try it on. Let's make sure it fits."

After faintly protesting it will mess up his hair, J tries on helmet. Perfect fit. Looks extremely.....special.

Me (doubled over laughing): "I am SO GLAD I found your price. And that it's so low!"

Oh yes. We'll be driving to Lawrence, KS one morning for a cup o' Dunkin Donuts coffee & some beans. Even I will get up early for that one. Because I'll be bringing my CAMERA as well. Nobody can say, even in the worst of it, that we don't have a good group of people who love to laugh......
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