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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

It Was The Vision Of Carrying A Case of Massengill.....

...that prompted me to call PetSmart at the last minute before leaving the office. Lo-and-behold, they carry this:

I'd already done the math, and buying 10 packages of Massengil (or Summer's Eve, you know, I'm not brand loyal) would have been over $40 - this stuff was $10. The part I liked was that you leave it on the dog to dry & keep odor-busting. I'm still waiting on the odor-bustin', as she just strolled up and when I scratched her head, it still smells a bit like someone across the way hit a skunk. Eeesh.

So, sorry, no pics of the Wo and I wielding douche bottles two-handed, littering the backyard with a visual worthy of Flickr front page ......
Instead, here's a Warhol-esque composite - feel free to make 'er poster size.

But in all my searching, I did discover the Sound of an Angry Skunk, and we plan to play it repeatedly at high volumes while shouting "NO! BAD! NO!" over and over while shining a light in Suzy's eyes.
From a distance.
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