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Friday, September 15, 2006

Heart of Darkness

I think it's a perfect metaphor for this week - I came in to work this morning and discovered someone had snapped my lamps from the post. SWELL.
Photgraphic Evidence of the Crime, CSI-style:

Oddly enough, all I've done is shake my head and shrug my shoulders. I think I'm all full-up on getting mad and being upset. I did send an email out that we would be investigating the crime, and nobody should leave town. However, it's much easier to just blame the cleaning people - everyone's favorite patsy, right? The last place I worked, they stole a lot of fruit from my neighbor.

However, despite the considerably darker environment, I have had more positive things outweighing everything else - before I even got to my office, my boss pulled me in to pass along a client compliment - without overindulging and going on and on, the client basically wanted to know why Kristin & I didn't work more on his business and that we were very creative and very smart. Yay! And I adored him before I knew it was mutual, isn't it great when it works out like that? And, second, yesterday I sent faxes to two Nissan dealerships, because the car guy I was working with didn't call me AGAIN (and listen, if you tell me you're going to call me? And don't? Then I have to take a page from the pop culture book "He's Just Not That Into You", and assume I'm not important. Nor is my checkbook.) And one dealership has already responded with a phone call, and an email. Not pushy, just friendly and indicating that he's working on a list of cars. Hey! Novel. Service. Such a simple word.

I must get back to working by candlelight and scraping the wax off my mouse. (Oh, dear, that sounds ..... provocative?)
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