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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Because I Am Crazy And That Is How You Like It.

Well, I've been up since 5 a.m. today. Not to go for a bracing constitution in the cool morning air, or even a brisk walk on the treadmill in the basement, no, not even to really clean, but to expel all my nervous energy in the general direction of South SouthCraft. Which can obviously be found south of Due West Knitting. Because I can go crazy for crafting, and nothing inspires me like a road trip with all my homies! We're caravaning (in a minivan!) to the Quad Cities to help our dear Kristin celebrate her wedding.

So I spent the morning doing some furrowed-brow sewing and laboring over different feet for the sewing machine, because I don't know about you, but I don't do a lot of pom-pom trim sewing, and yet here I am, sewing yards and yards of pompom trim and the standard presser foot says, "Hello, crazy lady who never gets up this early! I shall bunch the pom poms under my black sproingy thing and you shall furrow your brow and stick yourself with the pearl-topped pins in frustration!" So I gave up with the sewing and decided to take the factory-approach, and just start pinning and deal with the sewing later. Oh, and let's just note for the record that I'm not sewing with regular thread. No. Metallic polyester and that took several go-rounds to thread 'er up. But it's strong! And shiny! And we love shiny.

Then I spent my lunch making another crafty item. I brought tools and supplies from home and I think I scared my boss who dared to come in to my office over lunch and ask me to get him tickets to a concert. Frankly, I don't mind getting him tickets, but the requests do make me laugh. It's like people think we get tickets to EVERYthing and if we don't, we just bend over and print them out our ass. But that's dessert talk. Anyhoo, I got most everything done, at least for those who are travelling, and I promise, I'll put up pictures of ALL of this once they've been gifted, because it's kind of a surprise, even though all of my travelling companions read my blog. HI! Start drawing straws RIGHT NOW for the privilege to sit next to ME for 6 hours each way!

Speaking of shiny objects, why the nervous energy? Oh I guess it's because we bought a NEW CAR!!!! Come on DOWN! Last night the Wo and I drove and haggled and sat for a long time and then signed a whole bunch of papers, and we pick it up tonight, and yes, it's a 2006 Nissan Murano, dark blue, tan interior (and amusingly I wrote to someone "leather interior, as opposed to that leather exterior", because nothing says luxury like a burnished leather car.) I am a little agog, a little nervous, a lot excited, and now I have to clean out the garage again.

CIRCLE OF LIFE people. It always leads back to the goddamn garage.
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