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Friday, September 22, 2006

The True Power In This City Is Cradled In The Hands Of Seven African-American Women:

The women who handle the ActionLine for Kansas City.

Can I just say, every time I've called them? They have rocked my world and been very helpful. (Now, one time I got sent on to Sewer and they said I needed to talk to Water, who shipped me back to Sewer, and it took several months to attend to a water pipeline leak on a major street, but I blame those departments, not ActionLine.) They talk to you like you are a sister. SISTER. One of them. And that is, right there, reason to call them every day. Helpful is just the beginning of how they answer the phone. They laugh, they tell you about their dogs, they sympathize and they give it to you straight.

To date though, it's my friend Beth who got the best response, in regards to the witches on her street (and I say witches, I mean yes, they cast spells and have a hulking "familiar") who rummage through everyone's recycling and make a mess: "Girl. She CRAZY."

I have a feeling if the ActionLine ladies were running the city, we'd get a lot more done.....
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