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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Yarrrrrn Pirate I Be.............

Oh, yes, it's Talk Like A Pirate Day. Someday we'll finally get that Swear Like A Sailor Day approved, and I can have one day of shoutin' ye ol' FUCKS and ASSWIPES and PIGFUCKERS about without fear of offendin'. Meanwhile, I continue to swear heartily with a swipe of discretion and sometimes I just have to yell "Sorry!"

Let's see. Is it possible to eat too much sushi? I think not. We dined at a restaurant yesterday with reps, and it was not-so-good sushi. Not as in, AHOY! These rolls have washed ashore ripe and not fer eatin'! But as in, I have had so much better, and these are a disappointment. Iffin' you want perspective, I had some grocery store sushi today - eel and California roll - and it was better than what we had yesterday. Ah yes, the horizon just fell into place for you there, didn't it?

Speaking of perspective, it truly was one of my least favorite assignments in my art classes back in ye old day, when I was a spry pirate and didn't care that a studio art major meant NOTHING to the outside world, wherein the outside world equals a real paycheck. I just saw nothing enjoyable about using a RULER for "drawing". I didn't do badly at it, but I didn't put my best hook forward, as it were, and I would have some criticism from my prof for the third-street-over not quite matching up to the horizon point. And my other pet peeve is when people spell it "prospective". NO! You are whacked on the knuckles. Or worse - the terrifying scene from that Jack London book where Cookie gets dragged behind the ship & a shark eats his foot.

This may explain today's ramblings: I believe I have the makings of a cold, which is lovely, to be the Snuffling Pirate today. I may go home a smidge early and have a lie-down. Can you imagine how hard it would be to blow your nose with a hook for a hand? Hello, nose piercings.

OK, I think we've covered enough terrain in my crazy brain for you to move on to the next blog safely. Enjoy. ARRRRRRRRR.
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